Wine Well Chiller Applications

Attractive, energy efficient and compact, the Chiller model
 easily satisfies requirements for chilled wines and other
 beverages or products in many environments.


  RETAIL STORES (Liquor, Wine, Grocery, Convenience)     RESTAURANTS, BARS & CATERERS  

Total freedom of choice for customers.  They can chill any product in the store, so there is minimal cooler stocking.

Retailers enjoy substantial profits from impulse buying during the short wait for chilling service.  Put your "Wine of the Week" or any enticing selling display near the chiller.

An optional drying cabinet is available with paper towel supply and waste bin.


    The Microchiller model, just 14 by 16 inches, is the equal of several space- and power-hungry coolers.  The machine can chill up to seven bottles of wine in minutes (more than twice as fast as an ice bucket) to perfect serving temperature.

Increase your wine list to any size and minimize or eliminate the storage of wine in coolers.  Some restaurants using chillers have wine lists exceeding 500 labels.  Consider asking your patrons if they have a preferred temperature for their wine and then serve it precisely chilled.
  Minimize refrigerator space used for soda, juice, wine, beer and bottled water -- especially during those hot summer months.  Chill fruit, hard-boiled eggs for salads, cooked shrimp, Vichysoisse or Gazpatcho soups, whipped cream...  Most 8 quart stock pots will fit the chiller.

Entertaining is easy with the Wine Well Chiller -- chill different wines for serving with dinner, chill aperitifs and liqueurs for dessert and keep the champagne flowing for the big toast!  Say goodbye to beverage-packed refrigerators.

Energy and space miser - the chiller can often pay for itself in a year or two through electric energy savings alone and it only takes up about as much space as one standing person.

Easy to Use - put the product into the chilling tank, time it for the temperature desired, remove and dry it. Customers do their own chilling and enjoy it!

Owner-serviced in all respects other than refrigeration.  Maintenance is minimal and the machine uses ordinary tap water.  No water connections are needed.  Models are available for 115V or 230V service, and are CE marked for worldwide safety assurance .








The Wine Well Chiller Company, INC. Milford, Connecticut, USA